About Our School ---
The Construction Training Center (CTC) was started as a sole proprietorship in 2000 by John E. Cammon. In March 2006 he formed a nonprofit organization under the same name and then, in March 2009, he dissolved the nonprofit and restructured it as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in order to facilitate the rapid growth he envisioned the school having as a result of its association with the nearby nuclear facilities. It is also certified by the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education as a nonpublic post-secondary institution, licensed to award certificates in construction. The Construction Training Center is also certified by the Midlands Workforce Investment Act Board and is a certified National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) training site. CTC is fully accredited by the ACCSC: Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

CTC has designed programs that instruct students in construction terminology, technique, tools, equipment and materials used in rod busting and form carpentry. In addition, students learn a variety of safety practices, basic blue print reading, as well as basic computer skills to enhance employability in the construction industry.  

CTC and its programs hold the key to self-sufficiency for those attending the school through employability skills and life skills training. John Cammon, owner/instructor, believes that the integrated programs at CTC makes a positive impact on the local economy and facilitate personal growth in the rural area. Not only is the school dedicated to creating a new workforce in the construction industry, but it also enhances and upgrades the skills of those already working in the construction industry.

Our Mission ---
Construction Training Center seeks to make a significant contribution to the economic development of Richland County and surrounding areas with specific emphasis on  Rod Busting and Form Carpentry;  more specifically, we seek to train male/female students for permanent jobs with a focus on assisting welfare recipients, non-custodial parents, and unskilled workers gain the necessary skills to become employable.

Organizational Chart

Mr. John Cammon

V.P. / Administrator
Mrs. Cheri Cammon Kelly

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Walter C. English

Director of Student Operations
Dr. Kelvin C. Felder